The Cincinnati Zoo needed a dark soundscape for the installation of their "Night Hunters" exhibit.  It features nocturnal animals of different varieties.  The soundscape needed to create a feeling of foreboding danger without being too scary for small children.  This audio piece plays throughout the exhibition hall on a 10 minute loop. 


This is sound replacement for a theater piece.  I received a video of the rehearsal from my client and recorded the sounds invidually for the action taking place at the timing they occured.  The laugh at the end of the piece is Vincent Price from Michael Jackson's Thriller.  The falling asteroids sounds are recordings of jets EQ'd and slowed down for pitch.  The impact and explosions are fireworks heavily compressed and slowed down for pitch.  Most of the recording happened in a small room, and involved me jumping around like a monkey, breaking things in front of a microphone.  It was a lot of fun.